Design Patterns

Course overview

This course helps the attendee to create an efficient Object-Oriented design by teaching them design patterns and UML concepts.
The attendee will understand design patterns principles , how to use them and why they are important for anyone engaged in any development project. .

Course outline

  • Design patterns Introduction
  • UML Notations Fundamental
  • Design Principles
  • The Strategy Pattern
  • The Observer Pattern
  • The Decorator Pattern
  • The Factory and Abstract Factory Patterns
  • The Singleton Pattern
  • The Command Pattern
  • The Adapter Pattern
  • The Facade Pattern
  • The Iterator Pattern
  • The Composite Pattern
  • The State Pattern
  • The Proxy Pattern
  • Other Useful Patterns (as time permits)

Course Objectives

Students who complete this course will be:

  • Able to Design and implement codes with higher performance and lower complexity
  • Able to Solve design problems efficiently and rapidly
  • Aware of code qualities needed to keep code flexible


Software designers and developers , as well as systems analysts.
Computer Engineering or Computer science students.


  • Familiarity with Object-Oriented design concepts .
  • Familiarity with an Object-Oriented programming language (Java, C#, C++, etc .)
  • It’s preferable to have knowledge of UML .

Course duration

24 hours

Course fee

Please call for latest offers

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