ROM estimate

When your boss asks you to estimate a project’s cost or duration while you meet in the elevator. It’s a valid way of estimating called Rough order of magnitude (ROM) which is -75:100% accurate. But PLEASE email back your boss, stating all your assumptions, clarify it’s only a ROM, offer … Continue reading

Project Milestones

At the beginning of the project, make sure the stakeholders share a common understanding of how they will determine whether this project is successful. Too often, meeting a predetermined schedule is the only apparent success factor, but there are certainly others. Begin by identifying your stakeholders and their interests and … Continue reading

Product objectives

Product Objectives should be well written and agreed to by all stakeholders, it can have a significant positive impact on reducing rework on the project, and help you to take the right decisions as you’ll do only the actions the will satisfy those objectives. if you don’t know the objectives … Continue reading