What every tester should know

In the software testing market, those are the basic skills that every testers should have:
* Technique specialists : white box and/or black box techniques
* Automators : everyone must learn how to automate his test execution to save time
* Database experts : almost every application now connects to some sort of a DB, so we need to know how to deal with them professionally
Usability expert
* Test environment expert : you should know what every checkbox in your OS should do, as it might affect the bahvior of your testable SW. Also, you need to know how to install SW, drivers, tools, client server HW and SW…etc
* Test managers : many times you’ll be the only tester in your project. In that case, you’ll act both as a tester and as a test manager. So you should know how to plan, monitor, track and control your testing project
* Technical writing : we do write a lot of documentation while we write test cases and bug reports. Also in some companies, testers are the responsible ones to write user manuals, installation guides…etc
* Domain knowledge : depends on your company. e.g. banks, communication, mobile…etc
* Business skills & understanding : you’ll be dealing with a lot of people from different backgrounds. customers, developers, managers, users. So you need to know how to communicate with each one in a professional efficient way.

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